Not enough Shirts?

Shirts DIY Lillestoff Birch FabricYou can have never enough shirts! Doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl! I’ve managed to show a lot of my shirts on Facebook or Instagram, but never on here. So as promised…here they are:

Shirts DIY Lillestoff Birch Fabric close up toddler shirt

To be honest, those are not even all of the Shirts I’ve made, most of them are already to small. Which always makes me a little sad, because I love each and every one of them. At least I will have another little one which can wear them at some point! :) And then some of them were given away as birthday presents. Shirts DIY Lillestoff Birch Fabric

Most of the time I am using Lillestoff to sew the Shirts for Elliott and mix them with a solid color Jersey I buy at the local fabric Store.


Sometimes I am lucky enough to have matching Lillestoff and it’s a lot easier to create the shirts, than finding the right contrast colors. Shirts DIY Lillestoff Birch Fabric

The last shirt I’ve created, I actually also used Birch fabric for the sleeves. It still had some left over from another shirt, I’ve created a couple months ago.Shirt Made from Lillestoff and Birch Fabric

And I made it matching to the Taeschling E is wearing from the last Blogpost.Taeschling and Shirt Diy

Let me know if you want to know more about Lillestoff, which seller I prefer etc. I haven’t found a fabric Store in the Seattle Area, which sells it, so I buy my fabric online or import it. Just email me really quick and I will get back to you!

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Shower of Stars

Finally back to blogging and sewing. We started our new adventure 4 weeks ago and we can proudly call us homeowners now. It took me a bit to find the hard drive which had all the images for this blog entry. I am still missing my the cord for myprinter. And to be honest I underestimated on how hard it would be to move 7 1/2 months pregnant, and of course there was so much going on afterwards (friends from out-of-town, little stupid accidents, work and daily life) that I needed a bit of a break.

However, I promised in my last post that I would show you another version of the Taeschling. The Taeschling pattern is a little star, or maybe I should call it  “Shower of Stars” because you have so many options. You can just create it the way you want it  and for every season.

Taeschling DIY Sewing Allerleikind

And here is the information on how you can order your Taeschling pattern, send an email to and Heike will send you a bill.

Taeschling DIY Sewing Allerleikind

This version has the extended legs, so the pants can grow with your little one. You can roll the hem up or just scruff it together, it stretches with the kids movement.  The Taeschling is just fun and I can’t wait to sew so more. I’ve finally gotten my machine back out. YAY!

Taeschling DIY Sewing Allerleikind

Elliott loves to wear his Taeschling. The pants are super comfy and I actually just want a pair for myself. I am just waiting for Allerleikind to create and adult version. *hint hint*

Taeschling DIY Sewing Pattern


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Favourite Piece

I am super excited to show my new favourite piece! <3 Tadaaaa… it the Taeschling from Allerleikind:Taeschling Allerleikind

I had the privilege to be selected as test sewer for a super awesome pattern from AllerleiKind.Taeschling Allerleikind

The e-book will be published soon, but I just couldn’t wait to show you one of my first variation of the pants.Taeschling Allerleikind close up

The pants can be created the way you want them to look, long, short or for your growing child. Allerleikind made it possible to offer one pattern with up to 12 different (to see all the variations follow the link) ways to sew pants for your child. Doesn’t matter if boy or girl!  She provides 3 different ways to finish the legs and 4 different ways to create your front pockets on the pants.


In this post I only show you the short version and one variation of the front pockets. I will show you the other version in another post! I felt like each pair of pants needed its own post!  Taeschling Allerleikind

I’ve used Lillestoff and Birch Jersey Fabric for the Pants and Shirt.Taeschling  and Shirt Diy

I’ve created the Shirt a little while ago and really liked the unusual combo and thought it would be perfect for the Taeschling. And I know this might be a bit of an overdo with matching shirt and pants, but I just had to put them together for the “photo shoot”.

Taeschling ebook Allerleikind Diy Sewing

Well you can’t really call it photo shoot, he was wearing his clothes 15-20 minutes and after that everything was off and he ran around naked in the yard, because it has been so hot here in Seattle.

Taeschling ebook Allerleikind Diy Sewing

Thanks again to Heike from Allerleikind for letting me be a part of the an awesome sewing group!Shirt Made from Lillestoff and Birch Fabric

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Made by Lili is Growing

Well we have announced it to family and friends, but I haven’t said anything here yet. Made by Lili is Growing! We are expecting. :)Made by Lili is growingI’ve started to sew some things already for the little one and I thought I share them with you!London Bus Newborn Pants

Here are super cute pants from the last Ottobre Magazine. Sewing them was super fast and are super easy. And they are so adorable.London Bus Newborn Pants Close up

I mean, look at the back! I can’t wait to see them on the little one.London Bus Newborn Pants  Back view

London Bus Newborn Pants Close up Back

I think I will create a couple more before the Baby is here. I also sewed some more burb clothes, matching to the Rattles I did last year. Burb Cloth and Baby Rattle

Burb Cloth Flannel

The Rattle is the only one I kept and was the first one I’ve created.Baby Rattle - Rattle Pattern Lotta Jansdotter

We are super excited and can’t wait to meet the new member of our family.

Lili, Tim and Elliott


Day out with Thomas

This time I am not showing pictures of handmade things, I am just reporting about our Trip to see Thomas the Tank Engine.
Elliott is a huge fan of Thomas and Friends and we just had to take him to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie for a Day out with Thomas.

Thomas the Tankengine

We ended up buying tickets for the second train that day, which was at 9.30 am , and it was good that we did. It was super hot, so it was good that we were early and beat the long lines for all the attractions which came with tickets.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Elliott

I was actually amazed on how much there was to do for the kids. See Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt, the main attraction, play on the wooden train tables, get Tattoos, jump around in the bouncy house, ride the train, climb up on a couple other Museum Engines, listen to a Musican and see a Puppet Show.

Do you see that smile on his face!?

Sir Topham Hatt

At the Northwest Train Museum

Thomas the Tank Engine was of course the main focus for Elliott and it was the first stop we made. We took pictures with Thomas and watched him talk to the kids. I loved that you were able to take pictures with your own camera after the event photographer took pictures. Usually you are not allowed to do that, which I think is always a shame for families who dont’ have much money in the first place and it’s expensive enough to buy tickets for day out. We did end up buying pictures, because Elliott didn’t look at the camera on most of my pictures and I was a little stressed and hectic, once I figured out that I could take them, that I didn’t watch too closely what I was doing. *beginnerfail*

Papa, Elliot and Thomas

I was impressed on how good the engine was looking and that even the face including eyes was moving. I do have to say, I was secretly excited to go to the event, because seeing your kid’s eyes and face light up with all the joy and fascination is just a priceless moment.

When you enter the park, the kids will receive a map on which you had to go to different stations and collect stamps to receive a free gift. We went to the Tattoo Station after taking Thomas, and of course there were to many choices for a Toddler to choose from.

Thomas the Tankengine Tattoos

The kids were also able to play with train the wooden train tracks which were under huge tents, so that everybody was protected from the Sun. Or you could listen to a puppet player and a kids musician/entertainer.

The train ride itself was pretty quick, and I wished we would have lined up a little earlier so we could have sit directly behind the engine, instead of two or three cars behind it. Now we know better.

On the Train

Overall it was a fun filled couple hours, Elliott was exhausted and happy afterwards, that he just passed out in the car within minutes. The staff was super nice, which are mainly containing out of volunteers.

High 5s with Sir Topham Hatt