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DIY Tutorial: Paper Stars made out of Ads

Everyday when I open my mailbox it’s filled with paper ads. Credit card ads, Roofing companies, pizza deliveries etc. My stomach turns when I think about how much paper we throw away on a daily basis and how much it goes to waste. So why not use the paper ads and turn them into something fun and beautiful?!

Here is a quick and easy, especially cheap tutorial on how to add charm to your room.paper star reflecting santa in snow

This also reflects the last blog post I did on how to save money. I spend about 1-2$. And here are the the things you need:paper crafts , free, cheap, easy, stars

  • Your paper ads – use the carton ones, glossy, non gloss, doesn’t matter how much text, you will not know what it says afterwards. There are a couple election ads in there too 🙂
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Ruler to create the shape you like
  • Glue
  • Transparent paper, parchment paper, vellum paper

I created a star template and traced those on my ads,  cut out the shapes of the stars and then the inside. I used different sizes to use as much paper as possible and to minimize the waste. You can easily involve your kids on this too, it’s not that difficult.tutorial stars

Then I added glue to the outside and placed it on the transparent paper.

tutorial star

I put something heavy on the stars while they were drying, so they wouldn’t wave and stay flat.8After cutting of the outsides, I used double sided tape and put them on every window. Depending on the weather, the light creates a magical Winter Wonderland in our house.6

Or from the outside – we did get snow this week. I might have been a bit more excited about the snow than the kids. Almost couldn’t sleep and woke up our oldest a couple times 😀window outside displaying star

I also created these little villages out of paper for the windows. snow star,reflection

Elsa and Bob {Part 2}

In the previous post I’ve showed you the tutorial for  Bob the builder belt and today I am showing you Elsa. E’s little girl friend loves Elsa from Frozen (which girl doesn’t l<3ve Frozen) and so I sewed her a shirt with a long tulle train.elsa frozen diy tutorial

She was singing “Letting Go” the whole time, it was so cute. I made the shirt a little bigger because it was the end of winter and I wanted her to be able to wear it in Spring or Summer with Leggings. I’ve made the shirt a bit longer and added a big hem to the bottom.

elsa frozen diy tutorial back view

The tulle train was just added between the two pieces of fabric. Below you can see a detailed description on how to create your own

elsa frozen diy shirt

The shirt is super easy to sew and every little girl who receives it will love you forever. <3 elsa frozen diy tutorial front view

Let me know if you have questions & the cold never bothered me anyway..


Pattern for the T-shirt was provided by Made by Tara (available in German)



Tool Belt DIY

Elsa and Bob {Part 1}

I’ve actually sewn these shirts a while ago and haven’t had a chance to show them to you. Here is my cute couple Elsa and Bob. It was so adorable to see the two of them pose together and finally to get Elliott to stand still! Unbelievable what girls can do to boys! 🙂

DIY Elsa Frozen Shirt Bob the builder Shirt Toolbelt

I’ll first show you Bob the builder. I created the shirt with a tool belt for all of Elliott’s play tools. He loves to pretend building and working on his tool bench. And yes he loves to watch Bob the builder on TV too. 🙂

and Bob the builder Shirt with Tool belt

The belt was made out of scraps which I had left over from a shirt I made for E a long time ago.

Tool Belt DIY

And here are the steps on how you can recreate the tool belt on any shirt you sew: DIY Tutorial Tool Belt Bob the builderIt’s hard work posing for pictures and every Builder needs a snack.collage



Pattern for the T-shirt was provided by Made by Tara (available in German)

Tool Belt Fabric: Birch Fabrics

color organized bonne maman jam glasses

Jars Jars Jars

I love to collect jars, I might have mentioned this before. My favorite jars are the Bonne Maman Jam jars, they look cute and it’s easy to remove the label from them. I hate when I have to go through a lot of time and different methods, to get rid of the labels on the glass.

collection of jars

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Jars are great for different things. For one, I use them to organize my crafts supplies, especially ribbon or buttons. I sort the ribbon by color and some of my fabric is sorted by color too. This way I have everything organized and when I am working on a certain project and I don’t have to look forever for a specific color. And besides, it just looks pretty.bonne maman jam glassesclick to enlarge

color organized bonne maman jam glasses

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Here are two pictures from my craft room:

blue crafts supplies in my craftroom

click to enlarge

pink crafts supplies in my craftroom

click to enlarge

I also use jars for the outside. Add a little candle or tea light and put them outside. It gives a romantic touch to the outside, or it will put the outside in the perfect mood as for example on Halloween. Each season it just looks magically outside, which a couple glass jars and  candles. Below is a picture of Halloween night.

Halloween Night jars with candles outside

click to enlarge

You can also use the jars for Halloween portions, which I showed in one of my tutorials here.

Ingredient - Eyeballs

Eyeballs for a potions

This one is taken at a Baby Shower, I actually didn’t do this myself.

drinks out of mason jars at babyshower

click to enlarge

And at my friends “Welcome Home” party:

drinks out of mason jars

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How to create hand painted place mats with your toddler – mess free {Tutorial}

I am so excited to be able to post this Tutorial finally! I had to wait till my package with these place mats would arrive at home in Germany! I made two of them for my parents, so that they have a hand painted picture from Elliott.

This a perfect gift for Christmas or just for any occasion. And the bonus is that its mess free! At least your toddle won’t have paint all of him and you don’t need to worry, that they will eat the paint.

Here are the things you need:

  • Fabric, preferable white or light colors
  • Fusilbe Fabric, preferable white
  • Quilting tape
  • fabric color
  • a big transparent plastic bag
  • a toddler
  • optional tape


    Click to enlarge

Here are the steps:

1. Cut your white fabric about an inch bigger than the place mat. Don’t cut the fusible fabric yet. I pre-washed the fabric before I cut it, so there will be not as much shrinkage. Once you apply the fabric color the shrinkage is different than beforehand and I ended up cutting certain sides a little more than others, so having an extra inch is good and you have add the quilting tape around it too, so you will lose some anyway.

click to enlarge

2. Take the plastic bags and insert fabric color, lots of it, try to spread it on one side. I then carefully insert the fabric. 1 plastic bag per 1 place mat. You will not be able to have the fabric not touching the color, when you insert it, don’t worry about it. Then take tape and close the plastic bag, so that no color can get out! Wear gloves the color might touch you and it’s a pain to get it off.

3. Either you tape one side of the plastic bag to the table or you just hand it to you toddler and let him or her play with it. I just gave the bag to Elliott and he just played around with it and had fun! Sometimes there are tiny holes in the bags, so make sure your little one wears something old you don’t mind to have spots on. The color won’t wash out.

click to enlarge

step 3 on turorial

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3. Once he is done, take a pair of scissors and cut the the bag open. I didn’t wear gloves, but i should have!!!
Then unfold fabric and let it dry. Again, have something laying underneath, so you don’t have coloring everywhere.

click to enlarge

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4. I washed my fabric once the paint completely dried and I ended up putting it in the dryer. This way the excessive paint would be gone.

5. After I took it ouf of the dryer I ironed the painted fabric. Be careful because the coloring will transfer to the iron. Just place damp old kitchen towel on the fabric and then iron it.

6. I laid the painted fabric on the fusible fabric and cut around it. You can measure it, but my fabric was so off and not straight anymore, that I just “eye-measured” it. Then I ironed the fusible fabric on the painted fabric. Both of the right and the left side of the fabric had a lot of paint on, I just decided to go with the side which looked prettier and had more space colored. Please turn off your steam when you iron the fusible fabric and the painted fabric together.

7. Once the mat cooled down I took both of my mats and cut them the exact same size. From washing and drying the fabric shrinked on certain sides more than on others.

8. After cutting the mats, I sewed the quilting tape on the mats. There are tons of tutorials on how to do the corners in case you have never done it before! It does need a little practice and I have to say, mine are not completely flawless, but that’s the beauty of handmade things.

click to enlarge

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9. Iron just slightly over the corners, borders and you are done!!

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