Day out with Thomas

This time I am not showing pictures of handmade things, I am just reporting about our Trip to see Thomas the Tank Engine.
Elliott is a huge fan of Thomas and Friends and we just had to take him to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie for a Day out with Thomas.

Thomas the Tankengine

We ended up buying tickets for the second train that day, which was at 9.30 am , and it was good that we did. It was super hot, so it was good that we were early and beat the long lines for all the attractions which came with tickets.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Elliott

I was actually amazed on how much there was to do for the kids. See Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt, the main attraction, play on the wooden train tables, get Tattoos, jump around in the bouncy house, ride the train, climb up on a couple other Museum Engines, listen to a Musican and see a Puppet Show.

Do you see that smile on his face!?

Sir Topham Hatt

At the Northwest Train Museum

Thomas the Tank Engine was of course the main focus for Elliott and it was the first stop we made. We took pictures with Thomas and watched him talk to the kids. I loved that you were able to take pictures with your own camera after the event photographer took pictures. Usually you are not allowed to do that, which I think is always a shame for families who dont’ have much money in the first place and it’s expensive enough to buy tickets for day out. We did end up buying pictures, because Elliott didn’t look at the camera on most of my pictures and I was a little stressed and hectic, once I figured out that I could take them, that I didn’t watch too closely what I was doing. *beginnerfail*

Papa, Elliot and Thomas

I was impressed on how good the engine was looking and that even the face including eyes was moving. I do have to say, I was secretly excited to go to the event, because seeing your kid’s eyes and face light up with all the joy and fascination is just a priceless moment.

When you enter the park, the kids will receive a map on which you had to go to different stations and collect stamps to receive a free gift. We went to the Tattoo Station after taking Thomas, and of course there were to many choices for a Toddler to choose from.

Thomas the Tankengine Tattoos

The kids were also able to play with train the wooden train tracks which were under huge tents, so that everybody was protected from the Sun. Or you could listen to a puppet player and a kids musician/entertainer.

The train ride itself was pretty quick, and I wished we would have lined up a little earlier so we could have sit directly behind the engine, instead of two or three cars behind it. Now we know better.

On the Train

Overall it was a fun filled couple hours, Elliott was exhausted and happy afterwards, that he just passed out in the car within minutes. The staff was super nice, which are mainly containing out of volunteers.

High 5s with Sir Topham Hatt

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