Gift bags made out of hand painted fabric by a toddler

In my tutorial before I described how to make hand painted place mats with your toddler and all mess free. I also made Elliott paint another piece of fabric with  different colors than the place mats. I used that fabric to make gift bags. The fabric was the same size like the place mats. Once painted and dry, I cut the fabric into two parts and sew little bags out of them. I bought a pair of zig zag scissor at my last IKEA trip which are well worth their money. They are cheap, about 6$. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, buy yourself a pair at your next trip. I used the scissor to cut the top, with the amount of paint on it the fabric, it wouldn’t unravel anyway. It just looks more finish this way. I just used a long piece of cord and wrapped it around a couple times  and added a gift tag. Voilà here are the gift bags.

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