Halloween Pictures

I am so excited about these pictures. My coworker Vanessa Carmon took them when Elliott came to work! By the way I am back at work for a couple weeks. I just LOVE the pictures!

Elliott the Dragon in his costume
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Cutiepie in Dragon Costume
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Elliott roaring

The last one shows Elliott smiling and roaring! We’ve taught him to “ROAR” when we ask him “how does the dragon do?” and he also does it when we ask him “how does the tiger do?”. At the moment he roars at everything!

I unfortunately didn’t wear a costume that day, because I woke up late and didn’t want to show up in the same costume, which I wore the 2 years in a row before. Instead I chose to wear something red, same colors which are in Elliott’s dragon costume. I am glad I did, because the colors reflect perfectly.

Elliott the dragon
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Tim had his crazy wig and his sequins jacket on. He looked just awesome! Did you see the Christmas Sweater T-Shirt underneath his jacket?

The Family in Halloween Costumes
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Us in our costumes
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I can’t stop looking at these pictures, they are just awesome! Thank you Vanessa for taking pictures of us!

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