Jars Jars Jars

I love to collect jars, I might have mentioned this before. My favorite jars are the Bonne Maman Jam jars, they look cute and it’s easy to remove the label from them. I hate when I have to go through a lot of time and different methods, to get rid of the labels on the glass.

collection of jars

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Jars are great for different things. For one, I use them to organize my crafts supplies, especially ribbon or buttons. I sort the ribbon by color and some of my fabric is sorted by color too. This way I have everything organized and when I am working on a certain project and I don’t have to look forever for a specific color. And besides, it just looks pretty.bonne maman jam glassesclick to enlarge

color organized bonne maman jam glasses

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Here are two pictures from my craft room:

blue crafts supplies in my craftroom

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pink crafts supplies in my craftroom

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I also use jars for the outside. Add a little candle or tea light and put them outside. It gives a romantic touch to the outside, or it will put the outside in the perfect mood as for example on Halloween. Each season it just looks magically outside, which a couple glass jars and  candles. Below is a picture of Halloween night.

Halloween Night jars with candles outside

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You can also use the jars for Halloween portions, which I showed in one of my tutorials here.

Ingredient - Eyeballs

Eyeballs for a potions

This one is taken at a Baby Shower, I actually didn’t do this myself.

drinks out of mason jars at babyshower

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And at my friends “Welcome Home” party:

drinks out of mason jars

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