Resolution for 2013 and Confessions

I usually keep my resolutions for myself or I don’t have them at all. I am not good at keeping them, which is actually bad. This year’s resolution for me is to get more organized and to craft a lot more. I have so many ideas and soooo much fabric, and I need to work on the things I have and not buy more. That will be hard.

The last couple projects I have done, just made my room like one big chaos, and I have been just putting stuff in my room and not putting it away. I actually just dumped the things I bought or used in front of the door and just closed the door. It’s really embarrassing.  It will take me probably a day or more to get this all organized.

I will be also forced to organize, because I am getting another table. Tim is getting a desk from my co- worker. A desk he always wanted. So I will get his table. It’s perfect because I will have another desk to work and cut on.  The one I have right now is big enough for my sewing machine.

On top of it I am going to be able to put my brand new serger on the other. I am soooooo excited about it, Tim surprised me with an new serger for Christmas. Super awesome! My hubby is the best! I have unpacked it, read the manual and put it back in the box. I haven’t used it yet and I am a bit intimidated by it. The last time I used a serger was forever ago.

The great thing is, that I am able to take classes from the shop he bought the Serger from. I think that’s the best thing that you can get help and somebody explains you your machine!

I will post pictures of all the Christmas Gifts I made in a little while, we haven’t seen everybody so I don’t want to post pictures on here, otherwise the surprise will be gone!

Happy New Year!



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