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Baby Rattle - Rattle Pattern Lotta Jansdotter

Made by Lili is Growing

Well we have announced it to family and friends, but I haven’t said anything here yet. Made by Lili is Growing! We are expecting. đŸ™‚Made by Lili is growingI’ve started to sew some things already for the little one and I thought I share them with you!London Bus Newborn Pants

Here are super cute pants from the last Ottobre Magazine. Sewing them was super fast and are super easy. And they are so adorable.London Bus Newborn Pants Close up

I mean, look at the back! I can’t wait to see them on the little one.London Bus Newborn Pants  Back view

London Bus Newborn Pants Close up Back

I think I will create a couple more before the Baby is here. I also sewed some more burb clothes, matching to the Rattles I did last year. Burb Cloth and Baby Rattle

Burb Cloth Flannel

The Rattle is the only one I kept and was the first one I’ve created.Baby Rattle - Rattle Pattern Lotta Jansdotter

We are super excited and can’t wait to meet the new member of our family.

Lili, Tim and Elliott


DIY Griaffe Rattle

Baby Rattle {All about the Baby}

Another Baby {All about the Baby} post, because I have been sewing just for the new babies which I have mentioned in my last blog post. So I thought I am doing a little series for the next couple weeks.

DIY Giraffe Rattle

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I’ve seen these rattles or stuffed giraffes on Pinterest before and kinda forgot about them until a couple weeks ago, when I picked up some bargain books. And tada in one of the books the pattern for the Giraffes was in it.

DIY Griaffe Rattle

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My three little friends are going to different homes. I hope the boys and girls will like them.

DIY Griaffe Rattle

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I just used cotton fabric for the bodies and I did add some jingle bells to my Giraffes and created little bags like they suggested in this blog post on Sew Mama Sew.

The pattern for the Giraffe I got from the book “Simple Sewing for Baby“.

DIY Griaffe Rattle

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