DIY Tutorial: Paper Stars made out of Ads

Everyday when I open my mailbox it’s filled with paper ads. Credit card ads, Roofing companies, pizza deliveries etc. My stomach turns when I think about how much paper we throw away on a daily basis and how much it goes to waste. So why not use the paper ads and turn them into something fun and beautiful?!

Here is a quick and easy, especially cheap tutorial on how to add charm to your room.paper star reflecting santa in snow

This also reflects the last blog post I did on how to save money. I spend about 1-2$. And here are the the things you need:paper crafts , free, cheap, easy, stars

  • Your paper ads – use the carton ones, glossy, non gloss, doesn’t matter how much text, you will not know what it says afterwards. There are a couple election ads in there too 🙂
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Ruler to create the shape you like
  • Glue
  • Transparent paper, parchment paper, vellum paper

I created a star template and traced those on my ads,  cut out the shapes of the stars and then the inside. I used different sizes to use as much paper as possible and to minimize the waste. You can easily involve your kids on this too, it’s not that difficult.tutorial stars

Then I added glue to the outside and placed it on the transparent paper.

tutorial star

I put something heavy on the stars while they were drying, so they wouldn’t wave and stay flat.8After cutting of the outsides, I used double sided tape and put them on every window. Depending on the weather, the light creates a magical Winter Wonderland in our house.6

Or from the outside – we did get snow this week. I might have been a bit more excited about the snow than the kids. Almost couldn’t sleep and woke up our oldest a couple times 😀window outside displaying star

I also created these little villages out of paper for the windows. snow star,reflection


Paper Snowflake

I saw on Pinterest different snowflakes and their pattern. I remembered how we used to create them in Kindergarten and school and decorated the window with them.

Paper Snowflake
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I didn’t want to put them on the windows, I rather wanted to attach them from the ceiling, because Elliott loves everything that moves and spins. He gets so fascinated by it and I love to watch him. We also bought a reindeer and a flying Santa last year in Germany. They are attached to a spring and when you pull on them the wings go up and down.

Reindeer and Snowflakes
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Snowflakes and Santa
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So I created different sizes of Snowflakes and different shapes. I didn’t follow any pattern and just went with the flow. Each Snowflake is different and I was always surprised how they turned out.

click to enlarge
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I just used normal printing paper, letter size. Some of the snowflakes I folded 8x  and some of them 10x or 12x. The more you fold them, the harder it gets to cut them. I think if you use bigger paper, it might be easier with the cutting.

Paper Snowflakes with Santa
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Then I punched a hole in the Snowflakes and attached white thread. I bought these white pins and just pushed them with my fingers into the ceiling. None of the thread is the same length. This way it give it a little more depths.

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Lantern Walk

I’ve been trying to keep up with traditions from home as much as possible and I have to say it is quiet hard sometimes. Tim received an email with the news that there would be a Lantern Walk at the ABC School in Bellevue! I was so excited about it, like a little kid. It’s funny how you can miss little things like a St. Martin’s Lantern Parade, Weckmann and the songs they sing.

So of course, I told Tim, that I wanted to go to this with Elliott an him. But where would I get a lantern, and a “Lantern-Stick”. I tried to google it, searched Amazon and ebay and of course nothing came out. Somebody told me that there would be Light-Sticks at Micheals, but all I could find where glow sticks at Michaels.

So of course I had to do my own lantern. Elliott loves Elmo, so I thought an Elmo lantern would be easy. Everything is always said easier than done. I went to the crafts store close to work, and finding the right paper was a challenge itself. The paper we usually use (Buntpapier) wasn’t available. But the girl in the paper section at Ben Franklins was really helpful and suggested Velum. I was so happy, that I was able to find Velum and of course they didn’t have red for Elmo’s face. So I had to re-decide and wanted to do a fire engine lantern.

So I ended up buying red card stock paper, and white velum with sparkles and yellow velum. I created a pattern from an side view of a fire engine and made the whole lantern out of one piece of the red stock paper. I used a carpet knife (exacto knife) to cut the outside and the windows out with the knife and used the yellow velum for  the front windows and the white one for the back.

I created tires and the ladder from black cardboard. And I used white paper for the tires and side and front panels of the truck.

Lantern just folded not glued yet
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Of course I had to figure out how to get the lantern on a stick. And how would I able to lit the lantern up. Real candles are a no go, the lantern would lit up faster than I could look at it. I decided I would give it a try with a wooden stick and the automatic candles you can buy at the store.

I had a friend of mine drill a whole through the the stick. So I could thread some metal wire through it to hold the lantern. Another friend gave me her left over automatic candles from her pumkins and tadaaa here is the ready made latern.!

Fire Engine Lantern
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The parade was fun, there were a lot of people. I think Elliott liked it too! He wanted to hold his lantern the whole time! After he ate his fruit bar.

Lantern Walk

Elliott and I at the Lantern Walk
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