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Potions for Halloween {Tutorial}

You need some last minute potions or ingredients for Halloween. Pretty easily done. You just need the following for these potions:


Ingredients for potions

  • Jar (baby food, mason, pickels, tomato sauce… etc)
  • Sparkles
  • flour
  • old stuffed animal (preferable the one your dog dragged through the mud)
  • if available plastic spiders, insects, vermin, mouse etc.
  • olive oil
  • printer and if available printable stickers, but paper and modpodge will do just fine too

Let’s start. First of all you need a clean jar with a lid. I am a notorious jar collector, because I like to put them in the yard with candles, so jars pretty much never get thrown out. And always have them around.

Ingredient - Eyeballs

Eyeballs for potions

Then you add your ingredient. For example I had some eyeballs left from last years Halloween. You add your eyeballs and than you add olive oil (use the cheap one, this way it will have even more of dark green brownish color and you are not mad about the amounts of olive oild you will add to the jar). Once you filled it completly up, you just put the lid on. That’s it for number one. Here you can use anything plastic.. insect, spiders, vermin etc. The olive oil will make it look like it has been in water forever. Here is an other example with a little plastic heart from the halloween store. These things are usually just a 1$ and nothing will happen to them in olive oil.

Heart for a potion

Ingredient for a Potion

Second one. Again I had some plastic fingers left, I just added them to the big jar and put the lid on it. Done.

Bloody Fingers

Ingredient for a potion

Werewolf Fur – You have a dog, who likes to eat stuffed animals? PURFECT! Our pooch Hunter likes to eat anything stuffed and will drag it through the mud and house till there is only little piece left of it left. You can stuff the jar full with the fur or just cut it into pieces. I just ripped on piece off the stuffed animal, he had laying around. Hunter looked at me a little funny, when I did this: “You are taken my stuffed animal apart? How dare you?!”

Fur of Werewold

Werewolf fur for a potion

Moondust! Every kid needs some sparkle. Here I added differnt colors of sparkle wasn’t much and I didnt want to waste all of my eye and body sparkle. So to get some volume, I added just normal household all-purpose flour. I would be a little carefull on adding the flour, because too much and the sparkle will be almost not visible anymore.( I did that mistake once) So add bit by bit.

Moon dust ingredient for a potion

Ingredient for potion

And now the labels. Some jars don’t need labels, they speak for themselves, like body parts, but the rest could always need some.

I got my labels from Love Manor . I had some printable sticker paper from a differnt project left over, so I just printed them out. To make them look old, I just took a lighter and burned of the edges. If you dont have printable sticker paper (hope you really call it that way) some mod podge will do just fine. Just print it on white paper and burn the edges off or don’t and then mod pogde it slightly onto the jar. And you are done!

Enjoy doing some potions and let me know what kind of potions you made.

Happy Halloween