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World Cup, German, Germany, DIY, Shirt, Sewing

Deutschland! Deutschland!

German Flag, DIY, Boy Shirt

E with German Flag

Germany is playing the US today! Go Germany Go! I am a huge Soccer fan, so I’ve followed the World Cup prhttp://madebylili.com/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=categoryetty consistently.

The Seattle weather usually needs a long sleeve shirt and because we already had a short sleeve German Shirt (Thank you Oma und Opa),  I created a long sleeve one. I love the German Jersey and took it as an inspiration. Of course the weather has been absolut beautiful and warm, so no long sleeve shirt need. 
Diy, Sewing, Shirt, Boy shirt, Germany, German

Elliott will wear it in the morning when it’s still a little *fresh* (as we Germans like to call it) outside. I am glad I made the shirt a little bigger, so maybe we can wear it for other occasions. World Cup, German, Germany, DIY, Shirt, Sewing It’s the first time, that I did a V-neck and arrows. It’s a lot more tricky than I thought it would be. So the corners are not perfect, but I am happy with the results.
World Cup, German, Germany, DIY, Shirt, Sewing

I used my usual Shirt pattern (yes, it’s time to post the images of all the Shirts I have made in the last couple months) and copied the front piece and arm piece and just cut them apart and layed them on the fabric. I’ve added seam allowance to the pieces I’ve cut apart and left the rest the same. I did add a little more seam allowance to the black stripe underneath the arm, to have more visibility.
World Cup, German, Germany, DIY, Shirt, Sewing

I was super lucky to find the star and soccer Patches on Sale. These are Iron-Ons, which you are not supposed to wash. But I just appliqued them to the fabric, so that they will endure the Washer and Dryer.World Cup, German, Germany, DIY, Shirt, SewingI first wanted to add the Soccer ball underneath the Stars, but the dimensions weren’t correct. 
World Cup, German, Germany, DIY, Shirt, Sewing