Travel Blanket

I’ve sewn a couple blankets for Elliott, and one of them is his favorite. So far the blankets all have been just little square Baby blankets, which start to be a bit tiny for him. So it was time for me to make him a new blanket. Especially for the plane ride I wanted to have a bigger blanket.

Paddington the bear fabric traveling

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I bought this awesome Paddington the bear cotton fabric last year, which shows Paddington all over the world. The perfect match for a travel blanket. At that time I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, but I had to have it.

Paddinton in Paris and Egypt

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I also bought blue mink fabric for the backside. So it would be soft and cozy for Elliott.

Skyline Cologne Germany

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I added the Skyline of Cologne to the front, because it’s my home town and was our destination. The Paddington fabric did not have a reference to Germany, so I had to add my own. I ended up putting cotton batting in between the cotton and the mink, so it would stay nice and warm.

travel blanket paddington fabric

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The blanket stays super warm, I know from experience at night. When I sit with Elliott in the rocking chair. We have used it also in the stroller to stay nice and warm,

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