Treatbags for Valentine’s Day

The last couple years we’ve been exchanging little gifts and treats on Valentine’s Day at work. I wanted to create something you can reuse and is different than the usual candy or paper bags.

Valentine treat bag with vintage picture with jar

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I’ve created bags with a vintage picture on the front. The image is ironed on. I just simply printed on Fabric Transfer Paper with my ink yet printer.

Valentine treat bag with vintage picture

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I also created a couple of bags with lace. Not everybody has printable iron on transfer sheets at home. You can use any kind of lace, cotton, polyester, vintage, or just ribbon.

bags with lace laying

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I’ve create about 30 bag in one night because it’s really simple.

valentine's treat bags with vintage image

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I filled the bags with chocolate hearts. And used bakers thread to tie them.

valentines treat bags with treats

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Instead of filling the bags with treats and sweets, you can also fill the bags with Lavender. It has a calming effect and people can use it to put it between their linen (in between wool and it will keep the moth away over summer.)

valentines treat bags with lace standing

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